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Water levels critical but stable

South Africa has been hit by one of the worst droughts in recent memory, with many dams falling to record lows in volume. Dougie Steyn, President of Agri-Eastern Cape said, “This is probably the worst drought that we’ve had within the last hundred years.” Strict water restrictions have been implemented in many cities and towns, including Cape Town, with households being allocated 320 litres of water per day. Continue reading “Water levels critical but stable”


Remembering Khwezi

Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo, known as Khwezi to the public, died on Saturday 8 October.

The pseudonym aimed to protect her identity. Kuzwayo accused Jacob Zuma of rape in December 2005, and faced severe persecution from the public as a result. Kuzwayo was 31 at the time.

Zuma was charged with rape on 6 December 2005, and these charges were dismissed on 8 May 2006. The Court ruled that the act was consensual, despite Kuzwayo’s assertion that it was not. Continue reading “Remembering Khwezi”

Natural hair, shouldn’t care

High school learners made international headlines for protesting for the right to wear their hair naturally. The learners faced arrest and backlash from the school’s administration.

Students at Pretoria Girls High School protested in response to the school’s treatment of young Black womxn and their restrictions on Black hair, prompting the hashtag #StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh. The protests garnered international attention, being documented by international media organisations such as Mic, Attn:, and The Huffington Post and gaining support from celebrities like Solange Knowles.

Pupils at Pretoria Girls High School are fighting to wear their hair naturally. Image: Phill Magakoe/IOL.

Continue reading “Natural hair, shouldn’t care”

Make money, disappoint fans

The commitment required of Harry Potter fans to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in its entirety would earn the approval of an octogenarian couple – you know, the couples you hear about in the news celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

While the play, which premiered at London’s Palace Theatre on J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter’s birthday (31 July), received enthusiastic praise in reviews, the book has left fans confused and dismayed.

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Continue reading “Make money, disappoint fans”

Six Inches of Skandaal

If I were a middle-aged woman in a stuffy and unsatisfying 20-year marriage, I would find Six Inches hilarious – and a hella skandaal. (Yes, read that in a wine mom voice. You know the one I’m talking about.)

But I’m not. I’m 20, and Six Inches is remarkably average.

Caitlin Clerk (left), Bongie Lecoge-Zulu (centre) and Dikelo Mamiala (right) in Six Inches during the National Arts Festival 2016. Image source: CuePix/Greg Roxburgh.

Continue reading “Six Inches of Skandaal”

The surreal wife

Andrew Kaufman’s The Tiny Wife is a dive into the surreal end of the pool.

There’s a robbery in a bank. It’s not a financial robbery. The thief – capped with a flamboyantly purple hat – demands the most sentimental item in each person’s possession. The protagonist, Stacey Hinderland, gives him a calculator.


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The One (for right now)

Our lives are increasingly being shaped by the internet and social media. We find recipes, medical advice and friends online – and yes, even love. This year’s Fringe programme at the National Arts Festival speaks to that by presenting two shows about online dating. Continue reading “The One (for right now)”

The figs have fallen

I find myself in the underbelly of the Monument, several feet underground – just like the man the six characters onstage have murdered and buried beneath some geraniums. Continue reading “The figs have fallen”

Free the weed!

Conversations about the decriminalisation – and possible legalisation – of cannabis in South Africa have been ongoing in recent years, highlighted by the increasingly prevalent legalisation of cannabis in countries across the globe, including the Netherlands, Uruguay and – most recently – Canada. Continue reading “Free the weed!”

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